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The Flora Bundle


Petal Muslin Wrap

The petal wrap is part of our Floral Collection, inspired by nature's beauty. The petal print is pretty, yet subtle in it's beauty.

In stock

Blush Muslin Wrap

The Blush wrap is part of our Flora Collection.

In stock

Blossom Muslin Wrap

The Blossom wrap features a beautiful print of sunflowers, blooming in beauty.

In stock

Peach Muslin Wrap

The peach wrap is a soft hue of peach, the on trend hue is a unique alternative to pink, but just as pretty.

In stock

Bouquet Muslin Wrap

Our statement wrap in the Flora Collection, the bouquet showcases nature's beauty in this bright, bold and beautiful floral print wrap.

In stock

In stock

A collection of all the beautiful wraps in our Flora Collection.

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