Swaddle Baby With Sage Baby Muslin Wraps

Looking for a way to help settle your baby? A simple solution that can provide nurture and comfort while they sleep. A simple, and age-old tradition solution that can provide nurture and comfort while they sleep, is to swaddle baby.

Mimicking the familiar weightlessness of being tucked in with warmth at night inside our own mother’s arms – even if we’re sleeping! Muslin blankets work well; they’re soft yet sturdy because babies don’t nap often so having multiple layers helps keep things warm when needed most .

Sage Baby muslin wraps are the perfect swaddling baby blanket for your baby. Soft, breathable and big enough to keep your baby warm through the night. This is what you’re looking for when buying baby muslin wraps;

  • Breathable fabric ; to ensure babies skin can breathe.
  • Softness; babies skin is sensitive, therefore it’s important that material doesn’t irritate their skin. Bamboo is known to be one of the softest fabrics on the planet!
  • Natural fibres – Such as made with bamboo and cotton.
  • Size – big enough to keep baby warm without extra layers

Sage Baby muslin baby wrap is the ideal baby muslin swaddle blanket because of these features . A baby wrap that is; soft, breathable, doesn’t irritate your baby’s skin and large enough to keep your baby warm throughout the day without having too many layers on.

Sage baby swaddle blankets are 70% bamboo and 30% cotton, the ideal combination for softness and durability. They are large enough (120 x 120cm) meaning you won’t need too many layers to keep baby warm (so baby will be able to sleep better) and also large enough that you can wrap baby up securely without risk of them wriggling out.

For more details on how to swaddles, visit RedNose.Org 

View our range of bamboo and cotton muslin swaddles here. 

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