Pregnant while in lockdown.

Having a baby can be a time of uncertainty, especially for those who are currently pregnant during a pandemic. Many expectant mothers are currently facing another coronavirus lockdown, face much greater uncertainty. Will they have their baby while in lockdown? Who will be able to visit? What kind of support will they have? This article hopes to provide expectant mothers with emotional support and guidance on how to get through this challenging time.

Some tips for expectant mothers in lockdown:
  • 1. Make your mental health a priority.

It is important to understand the feelings you, as an expectant mother might be going through. It is important to acknowledge your feelings and fears, speak to a trusted friend, or ideally a professional counselor or psychologist to help you verbalise your thoughts and fears in a productive way, without overthinking or unnecessary worry.

  • 2. Focus on the present.

You must try and remain calm and not worry unnecessarily about things that may turn out OK in the end. Focus on the present while keeping your mind and body busy with activities such as, exercising, organizing around your house, meal prepping, and freezing meals (ideal to have for after baby is here), doing an organizing project, reading a book etc. As a result, you can help keep your mind from wondering and unnecessarily worrying about things that have not yet happened and likely won’t happen.

  • 3. Surround yourself with virtual support

Take advantage of the technology we have access to, ensure you have regular phone calls, texts, and video calls with family and friends. Don’t let the coronavirus lockdown prevent you from scheduling regular catch-ups virtually, this will help reduce the feeling of isolation. For additional support, visit Beyond Blue’s, to access their Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Service. 

It’s a challenging time for many, yet expectant mothers have an added layer of uncertainty. We urge all expectant mothers to make their mental health a priority, focus on the present, and surround themselves with support. We can and will get through this difficult time.

From the team at Sage Baby.

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