Quality Baby Clothing

Sage means wise through reflection and experience and we have done the hard work to ensure we provide our babies with the highest quality products, from baby swaddle wraps to baby clothing. Only the best will do, that’s the sage way. This is what makes Sage Baby the wise choice in babywear.


We have carefully selected our fabrics, taking special consideration to ensure they are the highest quality. We use only natural fibers in our clothing and wraps, cotton and bamboo being of particular importance for their breathability which are ideal baby clothing materials. Babies skin is up to five times more absorbent than adults. Making the choice of fabrics in baby clothes very important. Sage Baby is committed to using the very best fabrics for babies.

As Sage baby clothing is made exclusively from natural fibers like cotton and bamboo, which are ideal babywear materials. Made with the very best in organic cotton, our onesies are made with GOTS Certified organic cotton. Organic cotton is softer and more durable. To find out more benefits read our article ‘Why Organic Cotton’.

We pride ourselves on our luxurious baby clothes that can be worn season after season and handed down from child to child. Our range of clothing is a worthwhile investment and reduces the amount of clothing that needs to be made each year! Our clothing comes in four unique and neutral colorways ensuring that they’ll always be in style.

Sage Baby onesies are made from the highest quality materials and designed with your baby’s comfort in mind. Our onesies are soft, breathable, lightweight and durable – perfect for any baby! We’re committed to making stylish, functional and safe baby products. To create a brand that parents can trust. If you’d like more information or want some advice on our babywear then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We love hearing from new moms just as much as we love talking about Sage Baby products!

To view our range of organic cotton clothing, click here.

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